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Quality politics

LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP wants to offer a quality service to its clients by means of the marketing of chemical cleaning products for hotel and catering trade business, communities and professional cleaning, disinfectant products for clinical environment, pest control products and cosmetic and hygiene products for pets. We rely on a professional team, motivated and sensitive to the clients’ needs and prospects.

The management of LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP has taken on the design and the establishment of an Integratted Management System of Quality and Environment and of Good Manufacturing Practices of cosmetic products that contributes to the achievement of our aims.

Quality politics BILPER GROUP

These aims can only be achieved, and the Management assumes it, by means of the effort and involvement of every person in LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP, encouraging their personal and professional development in a positive work environment and team work.

The management of LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP commits itself to act according to these politics, satisfying the legal and regulatory requirements of the activity in LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP, as well as those that they will assume volutarily to respect the environment by means of the application of the principles preventing pollution and caring the environment through the application of the established working methods.

Likewise, they will lead, encourage and provide the necessary means and resources for the development and establishment of the Integrated Management System, for the continuous improvement of the activity in LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP through the revision of the system, the politics and the targets, with the aim of assuring its adequation, relevance and pertinence to the nature and services of LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP.

All this with the aim of collaborate in the improvement of our products and services both with clients and suppliers, as well as with the people that form the management structure of LABORATORIOS BILPER GROUP.